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Client Access

What is Client Access?

What is Client Access?

Client Access is the convenient online portal offered by Raymond James, designed to empower WealthShield Partners clients with seamless access to their investment accounts.

Through this platform, clients can effortlessly review their portfolio holdings, performance reports, transaction history, and other pertinent account details.

Provided below, clients can explore a wealth of resources to enhance their understanding of setting up and navigating their client access portal, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience.


Enrolling in Client Access is simple. Before you begin, you’ll need your account number and data that confirms your identity. Click here to get started.

Stay on top of account updates with paperless delivery. It’s secure, convenient and easy on the environment. Click here to get started.

Personalize your account view in a few clicks. You can change notifications, edit your stock watch list and more. Click here to get started.

Add another layer of security with Enhanced Authentication. This secure login method requires a passcode in addition to a password. Click here to get started.

The Enhanced Authentication feature will send a passcode to you via text message or voice call that you’ll use to log in. Click here to get started.

See the bigger picture. Client Access allows you to conveniently manage your finances by adding your external accounts. Click here to get started.

View holdings the way you prefer on the Portfolio page. This allows you to focus on the numbers most relevant to you. Click here to get started.

Quickly find your statements, trade confirmations, tax reporting and more using the Documents tab. Click here to get started.

Conveniently deposit checks through the Client Access app using the camera on a smartphone or tablet. Click here to get started.