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We aim to maximize the positive impacts on the end client by empowering advisors with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

WealthShield Partners, LLC was founded in 2013 based on a belief in the importance of the fiduciary, and the need for advisors to operate within an independent environment to avoid conflicts of interest and to better serve their clients.

As a registered investment adviser (RIA), we believe our independence enables us to work for the exclusive benefit of our investors. Furthermore, we are passionate about empowering advisors who share this vision with the resources and expertise necessary to deliver comprehensive service and support to the clients they serve.


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The WealthShield Partners team brings decades of experience backed by an independent structure that enhances our ability to deliver more comprehensive solutions to our advisors, offering middle & back-office support within billing, compliance, marketing, and operations.

By allowing our team to handle the heavy lifting of these daily operational routines, advisors have the ability to grow and focus on what matters most - their clients. Our team also customizes our service approach to adapt to your firm's current processes to ensure we are working with you every step of the way to support the unique needs of your business.


At WealthShield Partners, we maintain a steadfast commitment to helping our affiliates streamline operational efficiencies and giving time back to the advisor to focus on growth and client relationships. Furthermore, we believe that an adaptable service approach built to continuously evolve with industry demands is critical to an advisor's success. To that end, we strive to be an extension of the advisory teams we support, offering back-office scalability, billing and compliance oversight, and ongoing platform due diligence to optimize and enhance the client experience as the needs of our investors evolve.


From brand development, to client presentations, to social media engagement, and more, our team is ready and excited to assist advisors with marketing initiatives, designed to drive more engagement and growth opportunities for their business.

Middle & back Office

Our team will assist with a myriad of operational functions to ensure advisors have the time necessary to do what they do best: serve their clients. From platform selection & setup to advisory fee billing, to custodial relationship management, and more, we are here to ensure our affiliates get the support they need to be successful.

Practice Consulting

WealthShield Partners affiliates have access to our firm's complete library of administrative resources designed to streamline day to day operations and simplify practice management demands otherwise placed on the advisor. We develop the infrastructure and workflows that make sense for each advisor's book of business, with insights and action plans created according to the unique needs and constraints of each firm we support. Moreover, we are constantly incorporating new platforms and partners to ensure our advisors have access to the most competitive technology in the industry.


Compliance regulations can take up a considerable portion of an advisor's valuable time. We maintain a pro-business compliance team to oversee regulatory administration and adherence to advisor reporting requirements by assisting with Form ADV updates, upholding books and records requirements, maintaining client contracts, and ensuring cybersecurity preparedness across each branch we support.


We understand each advisor differs in their approach to portfolio management, so our model is designed to offer varying levels of investment support dependent on the unique needs of each of our partners. Advisors may leverage the Envestnet PMC research and consulting team as part of their affiliation with WealthShield Partners, or at an additional cost, they may utilize our third party investment consultant - WealthShield LLC - to provide additional consultation on portfolio construction, large case design, and expanded access to a myriad of private investments and alternatives.


Whether you are an advisor seeking to breakaway, or an established RIA firm, our solutions are built to accommodate the unique needs of each advisory team we support. We leverage our various strategic partnerships to streamline and simplify the onboarding process, guiding the advisor every step of the way so they may benefit from best practices learned across our organization. All advisors are appointed a project manager to oversee their account conversion to WSP and receive transition support as part of their affiliation with our firm.